Paymytuition is an educational institution platform where students can pay their tuition from any country, at any bank, in any currency. This platform is especially beneficial for international students. For these students, they often have to worry about paying thousands of extra dollars on international fees and paying their tuition in a different currency. With Paymytuition, since there are no hidden fees, creators of this platform say that students can save up to 3-7% on foreign exchange fees when compared to banks. Now who doesn't like the sound of that ?!

Arif Harji, who was one of the guest speakers at the 2017 US College Expo in Toronto, is the Chief Market Strategist for MTFX, the company behind Paymytuition. "We were surprised to see the pain points educational institutions face when processing their international payments. Educational institutions continue to contend with unidentified and missing payments, manual reconciliation processes, and cumbersome time-consuming payment processes for their international students,” he said about conversations he has had with educators.

The platform is free to join and is currently available to educational institutions all across North America. “We look forward to servicing the educational vertical by doing what we do best which is offering ‘high-tech, high-touch’ solutions at a fraction of the cost of our competitors," says Arif.

To learn more about Paymytuition, visit the website and watch the video below.