So you’ve made the leap from high school to college. Yes high school was hard, but now the real tough work begins. So how do you keep up in college when you have hundreds of pages to read on top of assignments, extracurriculars and work? The key to success here is time management.These tips will help you easily balance your time between work and social.

Having a Monthly Calendar
The school year can definitely get busy once you dive into all the assignments and readings, so organizing all your tasks on a calendar will keep you on track. Make note of important dates for quizzes, mid-terms, exams, assignments. 

In this monthly calendar, it’s also a good idea to include your social plans so that everything is organized in one place. Remember, this is not a calendar to just look at, you actually need to stick to IT. 

Lists Are Your New Best Friend
If you create a monthly calendar, making lists will be taking that extra step to stay on top of what needs to be done. Sometimes, when you see things written down, it becomes more tangible, so there’s that visual impact. As you finish your tasks, you can just check mark it and move on to the next one.

Determine What Time of Day You Are Most Productive
For many of us, there's that certain time of the day where we just are not at our peak. Some people aren't a morning person, and function better in the afternoon or late at night or vice versa. Find out what works for you so that you can dedicate that time to your school work. 

Create Time Blocks
It's a good idea to rank your courses from most difficult to least so that you can get an idea of which ones will require the majority of your time. Once that is determined, you can then create time blocks in your schedule to show when you can work on your assignments every day. 

Set Your Own Deadlines
This will be very beneficial when it comes to writing essays. If you have multiple essays due in the same week or on the same day, make it your goal to finish each at least two days ahead of each other. You may have to get started earlier than you’d like, but it also means that you won’t be procrastinating and scrambling at the last minute to get things done.

Remember, there will be times when the work is just so hectic that you feel like giving up, but trust me it will be worth it in the end.