When it comes to applying for college, one of the most important factors that help determine where a student will apply is the cost of tuition. University Herald reports that many students coming from low-income families are considered one of the brightest and the ones with potential. However, for many of them, the high cost of tuition is one of the reasons they do not apply. In the US, low income families are those that earn less than $57,000 a year.

The top 30 schools in the US aim to make changes to increase the enrollment of low-income family students. These schools are both private and public colleges/universities and also include Ivy League schools.

It is great that these measures are being taken to help make college more affordable.  With this new initiative, the goal is “to encourage institutions who have the highest graduation rates to admit more students from low income families.” In the next eight years, these schools aim to enroll 12% of students who fall into this category to a top school in the US.

In regards to how this will be put into action, the plan is to lower the cost of tuition with the help of financial aid. According to University Herald, these institutions believe that these students qualify just like the rest, only that they refrain from applying because of the cost. If more financial assistance is available, there’s a greater chance that low-income family students will apply. There are also plans to reach out directly to these students through recruitment.