Arif Harji
Purdue University Grad
PayMyTuition, MTFX

Arif Harji is the Chief Market Strategist of MTFX Group of Companies.

Arif Harji earned his B.Sc and B. Eng from McMaster University and a M.B.A from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.

Although Arif started his career in the corporate world, where he held leadership positions at General Electric and Siemens, his entrepreneurial and go-getter attitude made him walk away from his cushy, corporate job.  As a result, he endured a 99% pay cut to join the family foreign exchange and global payments business.

Arif has a tenacity for making deals and has a knack for focusing on profitable business verticals that fuel explosive growth.  Arif spearheaded MTFX Group’s global growth initiatives,  increasing trading volumes from 400 million dollars in 2007 to over 7 billion dollars today.

Today, MTFX Group is a leading FinTech firm that services businesses in just about every business category.  MTFX’s client base includes banks, credit unions, large multinationals, law firms, charities, travel agencies, SME’s and, most recently, educational institutions.

Arif continues to set the bar high for the MTFX Group.  His trademark enthusiasm, doggedness and innovation continues to drive the company’s growth.  In early 2017, Arif led the launch of PayMyTuition, a foreign exchange and global payments solution designed to facilitate tuition payments for international students at a fraction of the cost of main street banks.

Arif prefers a cubicle on the MTFX trading floor to a corner office. Although he has every reason to take a back seat after supporting the launch of the MTFX Group, he has done anything but that. He continues to drive innovation and improvement across a multitude of business verticals in an attempt to disrupt traditional business models.

Arif is passionate about education, especially education for women and children from impoverished and less-fortunate nations. He is an active philanthropist and is a patron of several orphanages across Africa, India and Nepal.

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Meet Arif at the US College Expo in Toronto.