Lights, camera. Action! While many students are interested in becoming the next big actor/actress, some students like to shine behind the camera. If you have a passion for taking photos, editing and producing your own content, a film major may be for you.

At the US College Expo, representatives from some of the top film schools in America will be attending. It’s the perfect time to network and learn more about the various programs these schools offer.

Here is a list of the major film schools that will be attending the US College Expo.

  1. University of California-Berkely
    USA Today stated that The Department of Film and Media at UC-Berkeley has “a strong history of offering rigorous training for careers in the film industry.” Students who join this program will be exposed to film theory, history and genre. They will also learn about innovative film techniques.

    There is also the opportunity for hands-on experience. Along with taking classes in writing, animation and film production, students are required to do an internship in the industry.

    There is not a particularly strong focus on film production in this program, however UC-Berkeley offers production classes through the Digital Media Labs Consortium.
  2. Emerson College
    Emerson is a college dedicated exclusively to communication and the arts. The college also has some very familiar faces on their alumni roster. Notable alumni include Jay Leno, Henry Winkler, Norman Lear and Doug Herzog. Film majors can apply for either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

    In 2005, Emerson College decided to renovate the iconic Paramount Theatre (now Paramount Center) to build an entire performing arts facility. Construction was completed in 2010. The center includes a theater, a sound stage, a screening room, classrooms and residence housing. The center allows students to explore their creative abilities by taking advantage of the new media facilities.
  3. Los Angeles Film School
    A very interesting fact: the school’s building had previously been used as a recording studio by legendary artists such as Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones and Henry Mancini. The LA Film School has two degree programs. Students can apply for a 36-month Bachelor of Science in Film Production or a 18-month Associate of Science in Film. A bonus to this school is that it is in the heart of the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World,” Hollywood. 

    Many work done by Alumni have been nominated for Oscars. They have also found employment at companies such as ABC, DreamWorks and Marvel.
  4. University of Michigan
    The university offers a Screen Arts and Cultures (SAC) major for students interested in studying film production. It’s a hands on course as well, where actual production work accounts for approximately one-third of student’s activities. 

    What is really unique about this program is that SAC majors that have achieved a strong academic record and truly showcased that they have the skills and creativity to produce quality work, have the opportunity to apply for the Honors plan. If accepted, they will be given a chance to “design and develop their own original screenplay or other film-related projects.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about these schools and what they have to offer, visit the US College Expo in one of these four cities. Admission is FREE. Pre-register at