You have kissed countless knees, taken countless temperatures and washed a million cloths; you’ve tried to guide your little one toward good habits, good manners and a good diet; you’ve agonized over milestones and daycare and sleep. But when it came to elementary school, if you lived in Toronto, you hadn’t necessarily much choice: admission is determined by postal code and little else. Then you realized that if you really wanted the best possible start for your child, it might be time to look into private schools and see what they could offer.

Private school is a big decision with long-ranging implications for the family, so it's understandable that many parents get nervous at this point. There is so much choice - co-ed, gender-specific, religious, boarding school – and they all come with their own policies, vibes, statistics, curricula, pros, and cons. There is no one private school education that’s best for every child. If you do your homework, you might be able to narrow down some great options, but then you’re faced with yet another problem: how can you make sure your child gets into the right school? A school that will not only challenge and inspire your child now, but also prepare him or her for future success?

Enter PrepSkills, a Canadian leader in the provision of admission preparation services for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students seeking entrance to private and independent schools and American Universities. Our goal is to provide advanced preparation in a variety of formats, from workshops to study guides to online testing to private in-home study prep, that ensure our students meet their full potential. PrepSkills works in these key areas to make sure your child gets into the perfect school:

  • Invaluable information seminars such as PrepConnect, which is designed to connect admissions officers from Toronto’s top private schools with parents and interested students to answer questions and speak frankly about the private school experience in a relaxed forum; the US College Expo, which exposes thousands of talented Canadian high school students to a stunning exhibit put on by nearly 100 of America’s top colleges and universities; and providing inside information and resources as regards financial aid, scholarships and much more
  • Close relationship and networking with educational partners that include some of Toronto’s best private schools and the cream of elite US Colleges, all of whom accept a high ratio of PrepSkills students
  • Superior, tailored preparatory tools for students to successfully navigate admissions tests, including SSAT, ACT and SAT preparation, and unique individual courses that enhance essential skills and empower students with leadership tools they will use well beyond their academic years

It’s no secret that the income gap between young high school and college grads is widening; according to data from the Pew Research Centre in the US, the cost of not going to college numbers in the tens of thousands of dollars of lost income per year. That’s why at PrepSkills, we strive to impart a love of learning to even our youngest students, so that long after they sail through their entrance exams and excel at their interviews, they will wish to continue the learning journey for a lifetime.

As a parent, you know that education means a lot more than facts, dates, and scientific equations; it's about preparing a child for life. If you have decided that a private or independent school can best provide your child with the knowledge, skills and experiences to achieve their dreams, let PrepSkills fill in the gaps. Our inspired instructors, superior testing and comprehensive materials will not only ensure your child gets on the right path, but that they will stay there. Choose peace of mind: contact PrepSkills today to find out more about how we can help your child succeed.

If you need help with standardized testing prep or process feel free to contact Prepskills. We have been working with US bound students for over a decade. We can be reached at 416-200-7728 or