It was recently published by US News that the opportunities for computer engineers are now greater than ever. It’s reported that academic institutions around the country have made significant changes in the way they teach engineering students. Classes are becoming more hands-on as these colleges and universities aim to better prepare students for the workplace. Classes go beyond lectures, with a greater focus on “acquiring professional skills through teamwork, design projects, case studies, internships and entrepreneurial courses.”

Jelena Kovacevic, head of the electrical and computer engineering department at Carnegie Mellon University says "engineering education is undergoing a revolution." She stressed that innovating teaching methods will help progress engineering programs. “Learn by making, doing and experimenting. We can do this by imbuing real-world problems into our curricula through projects, internships and collaboration with companies." Experts note that the field experienced such significant growth because it is so vital to all of the products and processes of modern life. Whether it’s  video games or software apps to health care instrumentation and rocket deployments to Mars, engineering is a critical component.

One particular university that offers great hands-on opportunities in their engineering program is Purdue University. The university and General Electric have a $10 million collaboration aimed at new ways to boost factory output and lower production costs.

Arif Harji, a Purdue University grad will be at the US College Expo in Toronto to talk to attendees about his experiences as a Canadian studying in the US. He is also a great resource for information on Purdue.

Aside from Purdue University, the United States has a number of colleges that provide great engineering programs. The US College Expo is pleased to have representatives from some of these colleges at this year’s expo. For students interested in studying this particular field, here are the top grad schools for engineering in the US that will be attending the expo.

  1. University of California- Berkeley
  2. University of Michigan
  3. Princeton University

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