How International Admissions Representatives can expand their student enrollment in Canada

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If your US college or university 2020-2023 strategic plan includes expanding Canadian student enrollment, here are a few tips from the Canadian families and Counsellors we talk to on a daily basis:

1) Build a relationship - go beyond the email blasts, swag and mail outs. Instead of phone calls, consider doing video calls with the family. These dramatically (and quickly) increase trust, relationship building and confidence.

If you need help connecting to families or finding families who are interested in your college, message me. Our office meets and talks to families everyday through our programs, social media and phone inquiries.

B) Share stories of your alumni and other students from Canada. Stories connect people. Stories provide families with information about considerations they weren’t yet aware of, questions to ask and a feeling of comfort seeing others achieve what their child is just starting to explore- cross border education. Local Alumni can help you market to other students in Canada. That's why we established the US College Expo Ambassador Campaign. Check out a couple of our Ambassadors here:

US College Expo: Robert Grilli, University of Houston Grad, Author & Baseball Player

and Bilaal Rajan, Stanford University student, philanthropist, Prepskills Alumni


Have a great student story to share? Message me about including it in one of our upcoming email blasts to families or our direct mail campaigns to schools/families.

C) Connect with families before you show up for recruitment events. Families tell us over and over that they need exposure to colleges of interest more than once or twice. We help US colleges and universities start connecting with families and counsellors before the expo events.

Check out the webinar we just did for more than 350 colleges about expanding your foot print in Canada and the April 2020 US College Expo Canada events.

We work with US colleges and universities to determine their best CONVERSION strategy and help them connect with Canadian students and high school counsellors and athletic directors all year long.

Hope to see you at one of our US College Expo Canada events:

Calgary: April 24, 2021

Vancouver: April 25/26, 2021

Ottawa: April 28, 2021

Toronto: April 30/May 1, 2021