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Narrowing down your short list of US colleges may be the easy part. Perhaps you have a talented child who wishes to pursue his goals in a State-side college that excels in one particular area, such as sports or the fine arts. Maybe you yourself attended an elite school and you wish your children to carry on the family tradition. Or perhaps you are an expat living in Canada, but your kids have dual citizenship and you are happy to let them select the American university of their dreams.

There's no doubt that US colleges offer unique opportunities that are not found anywhere else. For higher net worth parents who seek the most influential education for their children, Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale may unlock the door to the most impressive opportunities (though according to a recent Forbes best-schools list, America's top two colleges in 2013 were Stanford and Pomona, on the west coast). The cachet of exclusivity, status and wealth gives a US college education an "I have arrived" appeal to Canadian parents that isn't going away anytime soon.

But there's more to going to school in the States than choosing décor for the dorm room. It's a two year, sometimes three year process. Rigorous testing and evaluation is required to gain admission to a US college or university; the most commonly taken test is the SAT, a mostly multiple choice test designed to assess a student's readiness for college. How can a Canadian high school student prepare for this gruelling exam that takes the average student nearly four hours to complete?

PREPSKILLS® offers superior coaching for the SAT in a variety of convenient formats designed specifically with student success in mind. Choose from:

  • Online SAT prep: the EPREPSKILLS® program allows students to learn online and in real time. This comprehensive program provides dynamic interaction via white-board, chat, and a live text editor. Certified teachers ensure students receive the full tutoring benefits of the SAT preparation course, and the package includes textbooks, study guides, quizzes and exercises, numerous practice tests and even an exam simulation complete with reporting and essay evaluation.
  • Private one on one, in-home SAT Prep: PREPSKILLS® employs highly qualified teachers who will personally guide you every step of the way with powerful insights, brilliant clarity, and cutting edge coaching... all focused on achieving your college/university admission goals.
  • US college admissions workshop: PREPSKILLS® has developed a special workshop for Canadian students to give an overview of the application process and answer questions about the US college admissions process, such as how students get accepted, how to obtain funding and scholarships, what prestigious colleges are looking for, special information for athletes, and much more.
  • Resources for students and families: PREPSKILLS® provides insider information on such topics as America's best colleges, college admission tips, financial aid, test scoring and more
  • ACT prep: Should you decide to take the ACT (American College Test) rather than the SAT, PREPSKILLS® offers an online learning program and private, in-home test prep comparable to its best SAT preparation courses. The ACT is accepted nationwide and may be a better test for some students than the SAT; click here for more information on which test may be right for you.

Obviously if you have read this far, you want the best education in the world. You want to join a mobile and motivated population of American college students and develop relationships and skills that will open up many career opportunities after graduation. PREPSKILLS® can help you make those dreams come true.

If you need help with standardized testing prep or process feel free to contact Prepskills. We have been working with US bound students for over a decade. We can be reached at 416-200-7728 or