Brian Smith

Brian Smith
President, University Prospects
University of Texas Grad

As a junior Tennis player Brian Smith was ranked # 2 in Ontario, and top 10 in Canada, in his last year of competition. Brian then attended the University of Texas from 1994-1998 on a full tennis scholarship. He was also an assistant coach for the University of Texas tennis team for the 1999 season. During this time Brian had an up-close look at the recruiting process for athletes and one thing stood out.

Getting a great athletic scholarship had less to do with skill on the playing field and was more about people who doggedly worked at finding the best opportunities. UP's service was created to help all students get the exposure they need to get recruited.

Thousands of coaches are looking for the right student athletes but don't have the resources to find them. UP has spent the years since 1999 looking for those specific opportunities that match the academic, athletic and lifestyle choices of his clients. He, and the rest of this company, are always on the lookout for the right "fit" that can make your higher education experience the best it can be.

University Prospects (UP) was established in the year 1999 to help student athletes obtain the exposure they need to help market themselves to college and university coaches in the United States and Canada. UP has a 95% success rate placing students who are accepted into the program. These athletes received athletic and academic scholarships to help them pay for their college education.

University and college coaches don't always have the resources to find exactly the right athlete to fill a specific need in their program. International student athletes are especially easy to overlook in many sports. University Prospects helps students from around the world overcome the barriers in the way of providing a better, and more exciting, future for themselves. While offering special services to individual student athletes we also work on behalf of various sporting organizations and teams. Feel free to contact us for more information at any time.


Meet Brian at the US College Expo in Toronto.