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Derrick Raphael
Princeton & Duke University Grad
Global Trailblazers of Today

Derrick Raphael is a US trained and licensed attorney who has been engaged in the college consulting sector for over 16 years. He started working with high school students back in 2000 when he created the Scholarship Seminar for students at his high school in North Carolina. Derrick expanded those efforts in 2001 to include students from around the region. 
During Derrick’s time as an undergraduate at Princeton University he continued to work in the college access space as the paid Undergraduate Coordinator for the Admissions Office, under the current Dean of Admissions Janet Rapelye, where he trained fellow undergraduates to return to their hometowns to share more about Princeton University and college preparation. These students were from high schools all around the globe. 
After Princeton, Derrick received a Class of 1956 Fellowship which allowed him to return to his hometown in North Carolina to create a comprehensive college preparation program for students throughout his city of Fayetteville. Those efforts allowed Derrick to work with over 500 students and to enroll 40 students in the Fayetteville-Youth Education Program (F-YEP) which he created. 
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Following this fellowship, Derrick served as the first ever college counselor for a high school in Bronx, NY. After this experience Derrick attended Duke University School of Law where he focused on education law and policy prior to attending the University of Toronto to earn his Global Professional Master of Laws (GPLLM) where he focused on international business. 
Derrick runs and operates the Global Trailblazers of Today (GTT). GTT has partnerships with several education companies around the globe in jurisdictions such as the United States, China, India, Canada and others nations.
Derrick’s efforts have led to GTT’s inclusion in two start-up incubators in Canada. The first of which is Communitech based in Kitchener, Ontario which has raised over $1 billion dollars for the companies in its portfolio. GTT is also proud to be affiliated with the RIC Center based in Mississauga. 
Please reach out to Derrick directly if GTT can be of service to your child, school, district or corporation.
You learn more about his company, the Global Trailblazers of Today (GTT), through his website below:


Meet Derrick at the US College Expo in Toronto.