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Dr. Karyn Gordon
Founder and CEO
DK Leadership

Dr. Karyn is the Founder and CEO of DK Leadership, a leadership & relationship expert, a dynamic motivational speaker, a best-selling author, a TV personality for Good Morning America (USA’s #1 Morning Show), and Cityline (Canada’s #1 Daytime Show) as well as a TV producer for SUCCESS Stories (Rogers).

Her company, DK Leadership, specializes in coaching Emotional Intelligence skills for organizations and families. After receiving many requests from clients, DK Leadership launched “Success Intelligence: An Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program” in 2017 – a program specifically for top HR professionals and organizations. This program highlights Dr. Karyn’s unique ability, which is communicating complex research in a simple and passionate way to diverse audiences (from students to Fortune 500 CEO’s).

A passionate motivational speaker and powerfully effective coach, Dr. Karyn has delivered over 1000 keynotes to more than ½ million people from 15 countries. Her clients include Fortune 500
companies, family businesses, government agencies, entrepreneurs and professional organizations (representing doctors, surgeons, dentists, lawyers, judges, accountants, engineers and many more occupational groups) and 100’s of educational schoolboards for parents and educators across America.

A professional counselor for over 20 years – she has applied her highly strategic solution-oriented approach to great success with both organizational systems (managers & employees) & family systems (marriages & families). For families, her specialty is teaching practical skills on popular Emotional Intelligence topics including confidence, empathy, anxiety, depression, motivation and career-planning.

With a Doctorate in Marriage & Family and certification in leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Karyn was invited to collaborate with professors from The Wharton School (currently the number #1 business school in the world according to Business Insider) to develop an Emotional Intelligence training curriculum specifically for family businesses. John Prato, The Consul General of Canada in New York, hosted a reception in 2013 honoring her work with New York families and organizations.

Together with her dynamic team, she has created many inspirational and measurable resources to teach success through Emotional Intelligence. Why? Because research has demonstrated that Emotional Intelligence is the greatest predictor of success in work and in life. Dr. Karyn is passionate about what she does because she knows that anyone can learn these skills, it just takes an effective coach to show them how!


Meet Dr. Karyn Gordon at the US College Expo.