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Dr. Nicole Folland
Founder & Managing Director
All The Kings Inc.

Dr. Nicole Folland is the founder of All The Kings Inc., a mental performance coaching service for young, aspiring, and elite athletes and performers.

Dr. Folland’s practice is rooted in both academic and practical experience. She holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour and she has competed internationally as both a professional dancer and an equestrian rider. Dr. Folland has also represented Canada at the World Championships of Dance in Riesa, Germany.

Dr. Folland believes that in order to achieve prime athletic performance, individuals must cultivate a strong connection between the mind and body.  She inspires her clients to build a foundation of self-belief, balance, motivation, perseverance and self-awareness to develop a deeper sense of confidence in their abilities. With a focus on mental skills training and goal-oriented attitudes and behaviours, she assists young individuals in shaping their future and fostering healthy and successful relationships with themselves, their family and their coaches.  

Dr. Folland is committed to developing adolescents and young adults who possess the emotional tools and mental focus to thrive in post-secondary education, college-level/NCAA athletics, professional sport activity, and the challenges of adult life.   Dr. Folland has worked with athletes in a wide variety of sports including hockey, tennis, golf, rowing, equestrian, soccer, and lacrosse as well as young individuals in the performing arts including musicians, actors, and dancers.

Her positive energy and innovative approach empowers clients to harness their physical and mental strengths driving excellence in not just sport, but also academic pursuits and life.  

For more information about Dr. Folland & All The Kings visit www.allthekings.com


Meet Nicole at the US College Expo in Toronto.