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Karena de Souza
Author & Motivational Speaker
TILT the Future & FUTUREcasting

Karena de Souza is parent to Andrew de Souza Harvard class of 2023 and founder of Tilt the Future. She is a Future of Work strategist, speaking to GenZ, educators and employers. She specializes in advising parents on how to prepare themselves and their children for the changing world of work. And how to position them to thrive within it. She is the author of a decision-making book Contours of Courageous Parenting - Tilting Towards Better Decisions.

Karena brings a rich and complex diversity to her conversations. She has lived on four continents; was a refugee as a child and an immigrant as an adult. She discovered her interest in strategy & futurism in her long career as VP-IT & Communications Officer at Morgan Stanley before moving to Canada where she added Small Business and Entrepreneurial experience.

Her empowering book ‘Contours of Courageous Parenting – Can we tilt towards better decisions?’ was written for parents just like her, struggling to equip their children with decision-making frameworks robust enough to survive unforeseeable futures such as a pandemic.  

Her primary area of focus is helping GenZ understand and successfully move into the new and evolving Nature of Work.


Meet Karena at the US College Expo in Toronto.