How to get enough sleep in a dorm room

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Your first couple weeks of college is going to be a flurry of people knocking on your door asking you to come out to events. And while it will slow down once classes start to ramp up that constant buzz of activity dies down. So how are you supposed to get enough sleep, maintain a social life and get all of your studying done? Well, below are three tips for getting enough sleep while living on campus.

  1.  Give yourself a bedtime
    Set a time for you to go to bed every school night. Make it reasonable, because we know you won’t actually be sleeping at 8 p.m. every night. So, set a time that you can actually accomplish and while you’re at it set a wake-up time too. Getting enough sleep is all about consistency so get into a going to bed and waking up routine. During the weekends you can sleep in and stay up as late as you want, but keep in mind how much an all-nighter might affect your sleep schedule for the coming week.
  2. Ask to be on a quiet floor
    This might also be known as a study intensive floor. Many people overlook this option, especially while in their first year. But quiet floors are not only for people trying to keep to themselves. They are a floor for all kinds of people, from the partier to the bookworm, but they will still share one thing in common, respect for your right to quiet. You won’t have to deal with partying right outside your door the night before your 8 a.m. class but if you do want to party, you can simply take the elevator down a couple floors to one that’s more exciting.
  3. Turn things down sometimes
    College is about broadening your horizons, right? Well, it’s also about learning and graduating. It won’t kill you to skip a “horizon broadening” party or say no to a movie night in the lounge if you have to be up early the next day. Getting a full night’s rest will make sure you’re energetic and productive the next day, which lets you actually enjoy the great things that college has to offer.

When you look back at your college experience don’t look back at a time where you slept through classes and could barely carry a conversation because you were always so tired. Take care of yourself by following our tips and make college a time of learning and fun.