Making the transition from high school to university is tough. Especially when it’s your first time living away from home. Luckily, there’s an app for that, well actually there’s five. Here’s a list of the top five apps that will make your first year at college a breeze:


            Brainscape is the flashcard app to end all flashcard apps. How it works is you read the question, think of your answer, read the answer and then rate how well you answered the question on a scale of one to five. Things you rate as a one will show up more often than things that you rate a five so you put more time and energy into learning things you don’t know. This is not only great for busy students, it’s also a much more effective way to learn. Brainscape offers a huge library of pre-made flashcards covering topics ranging from bartending to SAT prep and an option to make your own decks this is sure to help you with any class. And since it’s available on desktop, iPhones and Android your notes will always be accessible wherever you are.   


            Todait is the study planner you need today! Unlike most study planners Todait prioritizes study time over planning time. It does this by doing all the planning for you. You simply enter your goals and the dates that they need to be achieved by, from that Todait tells you how much you should be studying each subject each day to achieve those goals. The best part is it tracks your studying and reschedules everything depending on if you are ahead or behind schedule. There’s also a lockout mode if you are prone to distractions while studying. This app is available on both Google Play and the App Store. 


            The future of note organization is here. Evernote makes note organization easy and more in-depth than ever before. You can clip articles, videos and photos into your lecture notes as well as share them with other people. If you’re always on the go Evernote syncs your notes from your phone to your computer so all of those revisions and comments you made on your way to your presentation, will be there waiting on your laptop when you get up to present. The best part of this app is 100 per cent the search feature. You can search a word and find every mention of that word even if it is in a photo of your hand-written notes. Yes, the future is now, even for those of us who still take hand-written notes.


            Budgeting in college is hard. You’re suddenly buying your own groceries, paying for transit and you have the freedom to order a pizza every night. Mint is the voice at the back of your head reminding you that you’ve already spent $200 of your $50 eating out budget. All you need to do is set your budget for each of the categories such as fast food, transit, groceries and office supplies. Mint then slots all of your purchases into your categories and lets you know if you’re over or under budget. This makes budgeting simple for students who have never needed to budget before. 

Sleep debt tracker

            This nifty sleep tracker automatically detects when you fall asleep. This is great for students who study till they drop since they don’t have to worry about pressing a sleep button. You can also turn on notifications that guilt you into getting off your phone and going to bed. If that isn’t already a good enough incentive to get this app it also calculates when you should go to sleep based on how much and when you have been sleeping. It takes over for your mom telling you to “put down that phone and go to bed!” while you’re away at college.

What apps do you use to excel at school? Have you tried any of these apps and what did you think of them, let us know on social media @USCollegeExpo.