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Most students don't realize everything that their tuition covers. Some of these are well-kept secrets and some are just things that students hear about once during orientation and then never think about again. Either way, us at US College Expo have created a list of some free things that you should be sure to check out during the school year!

  1. Facilities
    It's surprising how many students go their entire college career without ever stepping into their school gymnasium. Even if lifting weights isn't your thing, basically, all schools offer pools, hot tubs, saunas and dance classes. These free gym memberships are a great perk of your tuition. And while gyms are a huge part of your school's facilities they definitely are not the only part. Libraries, private study rooms and maybe even a sleep lounge. These awesome free features are often underused and free so check out your school website and see what free facilities they offer.
  2. Events
    American colleges love to plan events all throughout the school year. That means that you'll never have any reason to feel bored. School plays, movie nights in the quad or maybe a puppy play day, these fun events are always being held by student government. The best part is they are usually at convenient times like during the school day so you can have some fun during your breaks. Plus, as a broke college student, the incentive for free food is very appealing. So, go through your school calendar and highlight the events that you're most interested in.
  3. Workshops and Networking Events
    These may not be as fun as a hot tub or a movie night in the quad but networking events can help prepare you for the real world. Making friends with school alumnae and handing out a few business cards could get you a dream job or a mentor. Workshops are always a fantastic way to learn and can cover any topic from time management to women in film. They are excellent ways to learn more about a topic you're interested in without the time, energy and commitment of taking a class. Set an hour or two out of your day to check out any workshops or networking events you want to go to, and the most important thing is to not be afraid to go alone, you'll probably learn more that way anyway.
  4. Health Services
    You're already paying for that insurance so you might as well use it. College health centers are there to help you. Many schools have dentists, doctors and optometrists that visit campus several days a week. Take advantage of how convenient this is and get a checkup or your teeth whitened. And once your bodily needs are taken care of you can talk with a registered therapist. School is hard and studying internationally is a huge change that everyone handles differently, so don't be afraid to go and talk to someone.
  5. Career Services
    Need a part-time job? An internship? Help to find out what you want to do for the rest of your life? Career services have got you covered. Just tell them what job you want and they will do everything they can to make it happen. You may just be surprised with the strings that they can pull with large corporations and how much their extensive editing of your resume made a difference. Career services tend to be very underused so you won't need to worry about crazy lines or wait times.

Those are five of the top free perks that American colleges offer. Which one are you planning on checking out? Let us know on social media @uscollegeexpo on Instagram.