Bullet journaling has become a hugely popular form of planning, journaling and tracking. Just googling it shows you tons of photos of highly curated Moleskin notebooks from people with tons of artistic talent. But that’s no reason to be discouraged because, regardless of your artistic talent, bullet journaling will help you stay organized always. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be using a bullet journal:

  1. It’s perfectly tailored to you
    Since there are no pre-printed pages you can dedicate that valuable blank space to anything you want, and because of their huge popularity, there are tons of ideas online. Some great ideas for college kids are sleep trackers, budget pages and class notes. Isn’t the idea of having everything you need and nothing you don’t amazing?
  2. It takes less time that you would think
    Looking at some of the examples online can make starting a bullet journal a very daunting task. However, that shouldn’t be the case because bullet journals are intended to be quick and easy to use. If you want to dedicate one day out of your month to designing your bullet journal then you do you. But if that sounds like a horrible amount of work that’s just as fine. Bullet journals are called that because they were originally intended to just include bullet-pointed daily to-do lists. Obviously, it has expanded over time but you only need to put in as much time as you want.
  3. It’s everything you need at a glance
    How many different planning, budgeting, journaling and school apps do you have? If your answer was any number above one, you should invest in a bullet journal. As I mentioned before your bullet journal is perfectly tailored to you. You can organize your school life, social life, budgeting, sleep, medication, water intake, basically anything you can think of, and it’s all kept in the same place. Stop wasting time monitoring all of those different apps and notebooks. It just makes sense to keep it all in one place.
  4. An index is life-saving
    365 days is a lot to flip through. Are you trying to remember what that class was called in first semester? No problem, if you’re maintaining your bullet journal you will have the page numbers and a full index where you can see exactly where important things are. Class schedules, reading lists, assignment dates and anything else you deem important will always be a few page flips away. So, if you need to look back at something from last semester, it’s never hard to find.
  5. Journaling helps with school stress
    Finally, keeping a daily journal is proven to help lower stress levels. So many people are undervaluing the positive effects of a daily journal, or they don’t have time, don’t want to carry around a book or think that diaries are dumb. Bullet journals help combat this by making themselves more useful than just a journal. If you leave a blank page for daily reflection, you’re much more inclined to do it than if you have an entire empty notebook. Plus, if you’re already carrying around your journal and using it as a daily planner why not jot down some notes while riding the train home? Keeping everything organized will offer you stress relief but so will writing down your feelings and taking time to reflect on your day.

These have been my top 5 reasons why you should invest in a bullet journal. Let us know in the comments below or on social media if you have a bullet journal and what your tips are. We would love to hear your insight!