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We are delighted to have Andrew, a recent Harvard graduate, sharing tips on getting into U.S. colleges at St. Francis Xavier on September 28th… Choosing the right college is a decision that shapes your educational journey and sets the foundation for your future success. With his extensive knowledge and firsthand experience, Andrew is committed to guiding students through the complex college application process and helping them secure admission to top-tier universities.

Meet Andrew on September 28th

U.S. College Connect Evening

Thursday, Sept 28th, 2023
St. Francis Xavier Secondary School
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST
U.S. COLLEGE CONNECT EVENING is an opportunity to engage with numerous U.S. College and University admissions representatives and help students navigate all aspects of the U.S. admissions process.


Andrew de Souza

Harvard University Grad

My name is Andrew de Souza and I'm the newest member of the Prepskills consulting team! I'm a recent graduate from Harvard University where I studied Environmental Engineering with a minor in Music. I'm currently making music in Toronto before travelling to India for environmental conservation work, then moving full time to New York for a consulting role with McKinsey.

In my time at Harvard I was part of the rugby team, started the first clean energy club, joined multiple bands, volunteered around Boston, led youth leadership workshops, and much more. I came from a public school in Oakville where I didn't know anything about the U.S. application process and I had to go searching through countless resources to find the pertinent information. I'm excited to share what I learned as an applicant as well as a student about how applying to colleges really works.

I'll be with the student every step of the way—through organizing a timeline, planning extracurriculars, and building the essays I'll coach the student to tell their story in a memorable and concise package. Most importantly, I will help students get into a great school for them. Fit is integral to a student's success after they're admitted. I'll have conversations with the student about what they're looking for in a school, then search for programs and universities that match the criteria.

I'm excited to start this journey with you all—join me on the path to achieving your dreams!



All parents and students are welcome!
Speak with US College representatives and ask about student life,
the admissions process, tuition and so much more!


Understand all aspects of the US college admissions process, including:

  • Admissions timelines and eligibility requirements for International Students
  • Explore NJCAA and NAIA student athlete opportunities
  • Understand NCAA academic eligibility requirements
  • Explore Performing Arts areas of study
  • Early Action/Decision vs. Regular Decision
  • The Common Application
  • Financial Aid & Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Prepare for your SAT/ACT admission tests
  • Become familiar with the US College admissions and recruiting process
  • Connect with Admissions representatives

See you there on Sept 28th!

Prepskills & US College Expo Team