Interested in pursuing a career in sports or arts? Consider looking south of the border!

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  • Interested in pursuing a career in sports or arts? Consider looking south of the border!

If you are looking to become a professional athlete or artists then America is the best place for you to study. There are tons of reason why from funding to job opportunities to specialized schools. Below are just three of the reasons why artists and athletes should study at an American College:

  1. More Funding
    American schools have huge budgets for their sports and arts. Many colleges can have budgets of over $100-million that go to sports alone. This means better scholarships, better equipment, better coaches and better facilities. If you want to be at the top of your game you need to have access to the best of everything. And American schools are the solution. Even their arts programs get much better funding when compared with American schools. Plus, the availability of jobs leads to more professionals being stationed in the United States where they often instruct or coach.
  2. More Jobs
    As previously mentioned jobs in sports and the arts are more plentiful in America. Not only are there more jobs but they tend to pay much higher than in Canada. LA and New York offer dancers and other artists millions of opportunities whether that be live theater, TV or film. Playing college sports in the United States is also much more likely to get you a job in the sports industry. Many scouts follow American college sports games to find people to join their teams. There is also a sense of celebrity in the College circuit because of how much emphasis is placed on these sports, with some such as football even being shown on television.
  3. Better Weather
    Winter makes up a good three quarters of Canadian weather. This makes playing sports such as golf, tennis and baseball difficult to practice year-round. However, unlike Canada, America spans many climates. Southern states offer students hoping to improve their summer sport skills an excellent opportunity to practice year-round. The weather also offers excellent opportunities for artists such as photographers and film makers, since the varying weather allows for desserts, mountains and lakes all within driving distance of each other and a higher chance of getting good shoot days. So, seize the opportunity to get more practice than those studying in Canada and study in the States.

These are the top three reasons why studying sports and the arts is better in American schools. Do you agree? Let us know on social media!