RBC Future Launch helps young Canadians prepare for a drastically changing workforce

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We need youth to succeed.

We see a Future in your Future: The future of work may be changing, but we know you have the potential, the ambition and power to impact the world around you. That’s why we created RBC Future Launch, a program that increase your access to skill development, networking, work experience, mental well-being supports and services. Empowering you for the jobs of tomorrow.

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Meet RBC Future Launch at

Virtual U.S. College Expo Canada

Saturday, May 1st, 2021
12:30 PM EST – LOG IN!
12:45 PM EST – See Delaney Jane perform
Speakers begin at 1:00 PM EST
Live Virtual Exhibit Booths & Networking



RBC Future Launch is focusing on four opportunities to help youth:

Get work experience

Young people need more opportunities to apply their skills in the real world. 83% of educators feel youth are prepared for work, yet only 34% of employers and 44% of youth agree.

Grow their network

There are few things as important as your network. In fact, 85% of all jobs are filled via networking, yet many young people feel they lack or are unable to develop professional relationships.

Gain new skills

The nature of work is changing, and so are the skills required to win. 33% of core skill-sets for most jobs will be different in 2020 and 42% of the labour force will have skills that are at risk of automation in 10-20 years.

Enhance their mental

Mental well-being is important in order to excel at work. 1 in 5 youth are struggling with their mental health and 80% of those struggling don’t get the help they need.



Connect with U.S. College Representatives &
Experts at our Virtual U.S. College Expo

All parents and students are welcome!
Speak with US College representatives and ask about student life,
the admissions process, tuition and so much more!


Understand all aspects of the US college admissions process, including:

  • Admissions timelines and eligibility requirements for International Students
  • Explore NJCAA and NAIA student athlete opportunities
  • Understand NCAA academic eligibility requirements
  • Explore Performing Arts areas of study
  • Early Action/Decision vs. Regular Decision
  • The Common Application
  • Financial Aid & Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Prepare for your SAT/ACT/SAT Subject admission tests
  • Become familiar with the US College admissions and recruiting process
  • Connect with Admissions representatives

See you there on May 1st!

Prepskills & US College Expo Team