Internships are a great learning experience. It’s basically your inside look into your future job! For many college programs, an internship is required to graduate. This often means that students are competing with thousands of other potential applicants for their ‘dream’ internship. That is why your application can’t blend in with the others. It needs to have elements that make you stand out from the crowd. These four tips can help you achieve that.

Customize Your Resume to the Job

This is very important. Although it’s great to have a generalized resume handy, this is not something you want to use as part of your internship application. Instead, take a look at the job posting and see what skills and qualities the company is looking for. Make sure those skills are included on your resume if you have them. See if you can provide specific examples of a time you showed any of the qualities they’re interested in. Do not include skills that you cannot do. It would be embarrassing if you got the internship and couldn’t do all the things you listed. Be HONEST!

Be Confident and Add Some Personality

Companies have to go through thousands of applications daily. If yours is boring or like the others, it will be on to the next one. Too much self-promotion is not a good look, but having a little on your resume or cover letter is totally acceptable. This is what will help employers see why they should hire you. Talk about your achievements and accomplishments. If there are opportunities on the application for you to let your personality show, take advantage!

Any Experience Counts!

Just because you haven't had a full-time job in your field, does not mean you have no experience. For example, working as a sales associate can still count as experience depending on the qualities and skills the company is looking for. Most companies understand that interns do not have a lot of experience. The internship is supposed to help you gain some and learn more about your field. On your application, be sure to tailor your experiences to the specific job you are applying for.

Have a Portfolio 

This makes you really stand out because not a lot of students take the time to create a portfolio of their work. It shows that you are well prepared and thinking outside the box. This portfolio is your time to shine. Make sure your BEST work is included.